The Five Elements

"Five Elements" is the ancient philosophy from China,

to gain a deeper understanding of how the body, nature, and universe work.


It recognizes five distinct elements of cyclic change

called water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

All phenomena occur when they interact each other.



Plants(=Wood) sprout and bloom beautifully

only when they have "earth" and "water".



Water is used to put out the fire.

On the other hand, we use both to "cook" out foods.

We DUBON, who explore the way of living with nature,

believe this idea is the truth of the matter.


If we identify ourselves, we are like "fire".

There is an elusive, yet powerful "spirit" that burns inside of us.

DUBON items are "materialization" of this.

Our items are the very spirit of "fire" itself.



"Made in Japan" "SAMURAI spirits" "Japanese spirit"

There themes of ours show 

the special sense, culture, and thought of Japanese.



In particular, the Japanese have a unique attitude toward "nature",

as can be seen in our Shinto Philosophy.



The unique island nation that is still unknown to the world, Japan.



By "exporting" Japanese culture,

we want to communicate with people around the world

and learn about their uniqueness as well.


That's why DUBON is here today.