DUBON as we are


If I describe the theory (policy) of DUBON, three words would surely come to mind.

Nature, Future, and Japan.


DUBON is not just an "apparel brand" but has profound meanings in each item.


DUBON starts making an item with sewing its fabric.

First we list up some choices of yarn and fabric materials to be used. So that you can use our products most comfortably.


DUBON thinks of colors and designs that represent our philosophy.

Second we consider what functionality and style would be perfect for being both  "natural" and "stylish".


DUBON takes one-to-one step for working with Japanese craftsmen to create products.

Finally our products are coming up with Japanese spirits and master craftsmanship.


Each item is carefully crafted by us with great care and attention, and is filled with souls of our Japanese team.



"Live with nature"


This is one of the most important philosophies that we take in.


We shouldn't forget our mother Earth even though the technology bring our daily life much more convinience than before.

Our existence ultimately comes down to "nature".


That's why our slogan is #Neo Earth Clothes.

The clothes for Nature and Earth.


This has a lot to do with the way to live, and by extension, our future.


Moreover, DUBON's product bags are "rice bags".

You can reuse it for putting vegies at your kichen and this rice bag make them kept for longer. Our Japanese ancestors used rice bag for food preservation long time ago as the wisdom of experience.


This is the exact "Made in Japan" as well. 



We were born and are here today with you by going through above process,

always trying to share with you Japanese spirits.



Just feel our style in your hand!